Chapter 11 Conclusion

11.1 What we have not covered…

  • shell scripting
  • editing files
  • file permissions
  • user information
  • pipes
  • awk
  • sed

11.2 Summary

  • Shell is a text based application for viewing, handling and manipulating files
  • It is also known by the following names
    • CLI (Command Line Inteface)
    • Terminal
    • Bash (Bourne Again Shell)
  • Use system2() and processx::run() in R to execute shell commands
  • Use Rscript -e or R -e to execute R scripts from the command line
  • RStudio includes a Terminal (from version 1.1.383)
  • Execute commands from shell script in RStudio using Ctrl + Enter
  • RMarkdown supports bash, sh and awk